In The Morning Light

A Memoir by Patricia Robbins

For almost twenty-five years, Jeff and Pat Robbins lived with the knowledge that their identical twin daughters, Charlotte and Vanessa, diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at age nine months, would die young. In spite of this overwhelming terminal illness, they raised their girls to be joyful, hopeful, full of life and most important, abundant in love. Growing up on a thoroughbred horse farm their dad chose to manage so they could live a simple, idyllic life focused on time spent together, Charlotte and Vanessa grew up trusting in life.

Secure in who they were and the bond they shared as twins allowed them to venture into life fearlessly to follow their dreams of acting, painting and writing five children’s books together. For college, they moved three thousand miles away from home, where they found happiness and the love of two incredible young men. This is a story of their remarkable journey.

Written by Pat, the girls’ voices are threaded throughout each chapter, using their own words taken from a documentary, a news program and their journals, allowing them to tell their unique story of living and loving.

I caught glimpses of two young ladies who have filled their cups to the brim with love and with life. I will always remember how courageous they were—never before has a patient touched me in this way.

—Merrill Nisam, MD

This is a tender, beautiful narrative with heart wrenching realities about a family’s eternal love before and after the death of their beloved adult twin daughters to cystic fibrosis. Will especially resonate with parents of special needs children.

—Mary Jane Hurley Brant
Author of When Every Day Matters: A Mother’s Memoir on Love, Loss and Life

Pulled me by my heart with words that are raw and honest and shows us that survival is possible. The affirmation that love never dies is beautifully revealed through the signs and messages sent when one might least expect them.

—Candace Apple
Owner, Phoenix & Dragon Bookstore